Rules And Regulation

1.Attendence 75% In Lectures & 75% In Lab.(As Per KUK Rules) Sessionals Exams.

Students are Required to pass all the exams of theory & practical of the semester in which they are enrolled.

Failure to do so it would be treated as absent (as per KUK rules).

2.Cell Phone Laptop etc.

The use of cell phone laptop etc during class hours is prohibited.

3. Class Room Visitation Policy.

only enrolled student are permitted to attend the class. 

In other case disiplinary action would be taken against the student, who accompanied the outsider.  

4. Discrimination And Harassment.

Discrimination,Harassment and offensive conduct with any person, student employee in the campus of the institute on the basis of race,ancestry,family status, age or disability are prohibited, in other case strict action will be taken against the student and employee.


All student are required to wear ID cards around their neck in the collage campus.

6. Language.

Students must remember that IIET is an higher professional education.

Respect for the class room campus environment as well as other students & employees of the institute in general is an essential part of the learning experience 

(profanity and social clues in the class room will not be tolerated)


IT is the responsibility of the student to complete the replise to all questions mantioned in tapplication form and other document required by the collage.

8.The Working Hours.

Library & Office For the student Are Given below:-

12:40 Pm To 1:35 Pm & 3:25 Pm to 4:20 Pm.

9.Bus Facility.

Bus facility may not be provided during exams to the students. 

10.Smoking ,Alcoholism, Drugs etc.

Smoking Alcohol drugs Cards playing is strictly prohibited in the collage campus, disiplinary legal action would be taken against the student employees who are involved in it.

11. Ragging.

Ragging is strictly prohibeted in the campus & in the hostel of the institute (as orderd by the supreme court) it is a punishable offence.


*General Rules & Regarding Fees

1.Tution Fee:

Should Be Paid In Advance Prior to Each Semester(Latest at the time of Exam. Form Fill up).

Bus Fee:

should be paid in advance for one year. (May Be In Two Installments).

Caution (Security Money):

Caution Money Is Mendatory.

To be paid by all the students at the time of admission.

Exam Fees:

All exam fees will be paid in each semester by the students.

Late Fees Fine:

5% on the total pending amount after due date notifide as & when.


(In The Eee) If there is any discount in the fees that discount be given  only once at the time of admission in course of B.TECH.