Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision
To be an exemplary leader in Technological and Engineering Education, R & D and innovations, fuelling the needs of the future by actively producing a committed, educated and focused workforce. 
IIET is committed to imparting world class education to its students, laying emphasis on R&D, enabling them to become active participants in the innovations of the world. We are committed to providing 100% placements across Industry sectors catering to the needs of students from all interest areas. 
Our Mission 
To initiate, advocate and share with educators technology-enriched teaching, learning and leadership options for tomorrow, empowered by unique alliances with educational and community partners.
In just a short time IIET has grown from an idea to a thriving and vital reality. We have achieved this success through a mixture of strong vision, excellent partnerships and continued vigilant hard work. The aim of IIET is to provide “A Higher Form of Higher Learning”.