Our Values & Goals

The SR Educational Society values:

  • The knowledge, skills, attributes and potential for growth of every educator and learner.
  • The passion that educators bring to their work and to the Society.
  • Collegial support and mentor-ship.
  • The leadership that educators take in supporting others in using information and communications technologies effectively.
  • The innovative ways in which educators and learners are using information and communications technologies in the teaching and learning process.
  • The unselfish, collaborative and cooperative environment that all our partners share in building our common goal of improving the knowledge and use of information and communications technologies in learning.
  • Quality tools and resources.
  • Our corporate and benevolent partners who provide resources to help us to further the goals of the Society.

The SR Educational Society Goals:

  • Sustain and maintain the cutting edge/leading edge thinking that drives and contributes to the SR Education Society.
  • Expand liaisons and systems to further connect and facilitate a dynamic online community of educators.
  • Increase current and potential users' awareness of the SR Educational Society's programs, resources and tools.
  • Research and develop tools and resources for adapting learning content, delivery and pace.
  • Provide quality programs, processes and resources to meet learner needs.
  • Expand opportunities for school-based educators to exercise leadership in technology integration.
  • Develop the organization and build the relationships to secure the funding and other resources to sustain and enhance the growth of the SR Educational Society.