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ME Department Labs

 Details of Lab

  1. Hydraulic Machinery Laboratory
    This laboratory has Kaplan, Pelton and Francis Turbines along with Hydraulic Ram, Centrifugal & Reciprocating Pumps, Hydraulic Press & Gear pump.
  2. CAD/CAM Laboratory
    An arrangement of 20 computers loaded with CAD software like PRO-E. CAD has been done in this laboratory where students can learn designing skills. Besides this we also have a CNC Lathe Trainer to give the students exposure about CAM.
  3. Strength of Materials Laboratory
    Here the department offers practical experience on machines like Ultimate Tensile Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine, Hardness Tester & Impact Testers.

  4. Thermal Laboratory
    This laboratory houses Two Stroke and Four Engines (Petrol & Diesel), Compressor along with functional models of various boilers like Cochran Lancashire, Babcock Wilcox, Locomotive, Lemont and Velox and Models of Carburetors, Two Stroke and Four – StrokeEngine Cycles etc.
  5. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Laboratory
    Here the students are taught about the working of Refrigerator, Air-Conditioners, Cooling Towers, Heat Pump, Water Cooler & ice plant etc.
  6. Heat Transfer Laboratory
    Here students are taught about principles of Heat Transfer processes on Forced and Free Convect ion Equipments, Emmissivity Apparatus, Critical heat flux apparatus, Boltzman’s Apparatus, Parallel and Counter flow heat transfer apparatus & Heat Exchangers.
  7. Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
    Here students are taught about fluid properties on equipments like: Reynold’s Apparatus, jet Apparatus, Venturimeter and Orificemeter, Notch Apparatus, Bernoulli’s Apparatus, Friction & Head Losses Apparatus.